Old School Prog on White Shirt


Old School Prog

1.a Old School

  • Featuring bits of some of my favorite artists cover art.
  • All my shirts are screen printed and design by my company.  http://www.raelts.com/ This particular design is printed in four color process. A print system that unfortunately does not lend itself to be printed on anything but white tee shirts.
  • This is a snap shot of the actual printed shirt. Lit with florescent overhead lights and not laid out the straightest but you get the point. Damn it Jim I’m a printer not a photographer.
  • Approximate sizeof the art is 11 x 14
  • So far  it has proven to be very popular and 2X and 3X are practically sold out!
  • Small (S) through (XL)  Extra Large sizes available.
  • Before you order please check that your size is available for immediate shipping otherwise your order will be delayed until the next print run.

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Prices and How to Order

Prices: Shirts are $20 for all sizes plus $10 for postage / handling and tax. If you would like to pick the shirts up from the shop you'll save on the handling charges. To order and pay for any shirt click the Buy Now button on the top of this page.

Ordering / Contacting Us :
1) Send an e-mail to me at raelts@yahoo.com. I need to know what you are going to order. I want to be able to let you know if the shirt is in stock. We don't want you to pay for a shirt that is out of stock or out of print and go through the hassle of refunding your money. Please include your Name and Phone number.

2) Tell me which shirt you want and its size or sizes if you plan on order an extra one for your honey baby. If you want to order multiple designs, GREAT! Follow the same process.

3) If you these simple instruction and I have the stock on hand you should receive your order within days. If I'm out of stock and plan to print more, that is where it could take two to three weeks for you to get your delivery.


Thank you very much for you order.

Sorry my friends from other parts of the world but I haven’t figured out the details on posting to you yet so this is for US orders only.

A bit about the printer: I'm Rael (yes, that Rael). A Prog fanatic since the early 1970's that has been printing custom shirts for bands, businesses, individuals and everybody else but myself. I’ve decided to follow my passion which is Progressive Rock and print shirts for me and others who share my love for Progressive Rock music. So whether if you are looking for some cool Prog related designs or in the need to have some custom work by a like minded "man who works with his hands," I'm your guy, I'm Rael. For custom work visit us @ http://www.raelts.com

Printed by Ant Tees/Rael T's

M-F 11AM-5:0PM